Top 7 Antivirus for Android!!

Best antivirus for android:-
Antivirus:- Software that protect our computer, laptop and mobile phones from different types of viruses.
Firstly we will discuss about the term “virus”. Because there are lots of people who are not aware about that term. Virus is basically a malicious piece of code that try to penetrate the computer security for it’s entry in the computer system without any permission of owner of that pc or mobile. Now a days major source of virus is INTERNET. But if we say you doesn’t use internet that’s impossible. because in every field of life internet is must. So a software named antivirus comes into existence.

images Top 7 Antivirus for Android!!


There are lots of antivirus software available on internet.  but the basic purpose(i.e security) of all the software is similar. So here is a list of 6 best antivirus for android given below:

  • Avast Mobile Security:-

    images1 Top 7 Antivirus for Android!!

    Avast Antivirus!!!

    This is a very popular app available on internet now a days. As you all are aware about the name avast.This name is very famous in window based antivirus protection.This app provides the feature to scan memory card on request or demand. This app is available on Google play market at free of cost. It also provide protection against many types of malwares and malicious piece of codes etc.

  • McAfee Antivirus & Security:-

    images2 Top 7 Antivirus for Android!!

    McAfee Antivirus!!!

    McAfee Antivirus provide very strong type of security for your android device.This  is also very popular app and it provide feature like scanning of memory card and another peripherals without any cost. It also provide protection against malware, spyware and some kind of trojans.


  • Antivirus free:- This app provide highly new type of security with it’s login feature for android devices. For using this app you just need to have sign in with user account. it also provide protection at the time of browsing internet. it also doesn’t effect the performance of your operating system
  • Norton Antivirus Security:- This is one images4 Top 7 Antivirus for Android!!of the popular and highly feeatured providing app for all android device. This app provide feature of security for all android devices & tablets. This app protect android devices from malware and some kind of spyware.
  • Dr. web Antivirus light:- As it’s name suggest that it’s designed basically for the purpose of servicing security to android mobile phones. It also doesn’t cover the lots of space of your memory in mobiles. It doesn’t effect the speed of ram also. It provide protection from malwares and spywares.It also provide safe browsing.
  • Zoner anti virus:- It’s known as a very strongest security providing app for android mobile phones. It is free of cost available at Google play store. It provide security against some kind of malwares, spywares, ad wares, Trojans and from worms. It also serves the feature of safe browsing.

Here SAFE BROWSING means as we know that at the time of browsing internet large numbers of files are transferred from mobile to server and vice versa. At that time server may send file that may contains virus or trojans. So at that time of using internet this app serves itself as a filter in between the mobile & server and provide secure browsing.

Finally I want to say that all the above listed antivirus software are secure and all are best antivirus for android. But the choice is your’s which were will be opted by you to provide protection cover for your android phones. So think secure live secure and be your mobile phone secure.




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